Andrea Schellner Translations

Andrea Schellner Translations

Andrea Schellner has been translating between German and English for many years. She also offers proofreading and editing services in either language. She has also worked as a drafter and editor of press texts.

Andrea specialises in translation work in the field of fine arts and culture. She can however work in almost any field.

Andrea’s long list of clients includes:

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Albertina Wien

Kunsthalle Krems

Vienna International Film Festival (Viennale)

Cigar Journal

Erste Bank Sponsoring

Centropa (Central Europe Center for Research and Documentation)

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Tel.: +43 681 20228517

Some words, sentences and phrases sit forever in the mind like brain tattoos. On the playground, children used to sing the chorus “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Few things then or now have ever struck me as more false than that ludicrous chant. Words can devastate, and they can heal.

Siri Hustvedt, “Extracts from a Story of the Wounded Self” in: A Plea for Eros